Newsletter Issues – 2004 to 1998

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Issue #115, November 2004
Villanova University Stormwater Best Management Practice Research

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Issue #114, August 2004
Greenroof Research of Stormwater Runoff Quantity and Quality in North Carolina

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Issue #112, February 2004
New Thinking in an Old City: Philadelphia’s Movement Towards Low-Impact Development

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Issue #111, November 2003
The Morro Bay National Monitoring Program: A Ten-Year Study of Rangeland BMPs

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Issue #110, August 2003
Water Quality Improvements Resulting from Implementation of Best Management Practices in the Lightwood Knot Creek Watershed, South Alabama

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Issue #109, May 2003
Bioretention Use and Research in North Carolina and other Mid-Atlantic States

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Issue #108, February 2003
Invasive Exotic Vegetation – An Important Consideration of Ecological Restoration Projects

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Issue #107, November 2002
Whitewater River Watershed (Minnesota) Section 319 National Monitoring Program Project

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Issue #106, August 2002
Changes in Herbicide Use and Occurrence in Iowa

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Issue #105, May 2002
Changing Land Use Decision Making One Town at a Time: The NEMO Project at the Ten Year Mark

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Issue #104, February 2002
Long Creek Watershed Section 319 National Monitoring Program Project: Changes in Land Use/Management and Water Quality

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Issue #103, November 2001
Lake Champlain Basin Agricultural Watersheds Section 319 NMP Project: Measuring Success

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Issue #102, August 2001
Urban Stream Restoration Using a Natural Channel Design Approach

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Issue #101, May 2001
Permeable Pavement Use and Research at Hannibal Parking Lot in Kinston, NC

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Issue #100, February 2001
Planning for Success in North Carolina’s Watersheds: Watershed Education for Communities and Local Officials (WECO)

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Issue #99, November 2000
Stone Mountain State park Stream Restoration Project on the East Prong Roaring River

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Issue #98, August 2000
GIS Tools to help Manage Dynamic Urban Watersheds

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Issue #97, May 2000
Stroud Preserve (Pennsylvania) Section 319 National Monitoring Program Project

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Issue #94, March 1999
Includes an index of all articles published in NWQEP NOTES during 1998.

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Issue #93, January 1999
Detecting Water Quality Changes Before and After BMP Implementation: Use of SAS for Statistical Analysis

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Issue #92, November 1998
Detecting Water Quality Changes Before and After BMP Implementation: Use of Spreadsheet for Statistical Analysis

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Designing for Water Quality: NCSU School of Design Builds Upon a Tradition of Community Service to Help Watersheds

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